Setting in a stripped down 1300m2 Supermarkt Depot in the heart of Berlin, Bodytalk hosts Nina Kraviz’ main label protegee Bjarki alongside a cast of the most beloved Berlin producers and label managers.

Gathering a team of ‘Off location’ culture events professionals plus a trio of Berlin, UK and Amsterdam promoters, the 1300m2 venue is cut into 2 main rooms and a series of hidden rooms.

Bodytalk here presents a full 360° warehouse event, kicking-off with a live modular synth improvisation by Sacha Ketterlin, smoothly and organically introducing guests into the ravy part of the night.

Full line-up features Bjarki, Keith Carnal, Emmanuel, Luca, Charly Schaller, Marco Shuttle, Wittes, Jonathan Kavander, ɒlqʜɒdɘƚƨ aka alphabets, Dj Rainbow and many more.


  • Location: Jannowitzbrücke, 10179 Berlin
  • Date: 31/12/2018
  • Hours: 22h00-10h00
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