Le DJ et artiste munichois FEZ, membre de la première heure de la Monticule Racing Team, s’est prêté au jeu de la playlist pour Electrocorp. Il a sélectionné 8 titres représentatifs de la programmation du Monticule Festival 2019 qui aura lieu du 19 au 23 juin. L’événement s’installe une fois de plus dans le département du Lot, toujours perché sur le domaine de Gayfié, véritable écrin de verdure qui accueille le festival et sa programmation musicale continue 24h/24 depuis la 1ère année. 

Une fois de plus, les platines du Monticule verront passer cette année la crème des artistes, DJs et crews européens en matière de musique électronique indépendante. Vous pourrez notamment retrouver I:Cube, A Strange Wedding, Courtesy, Blawan, Zenker Brothers, The Pilotwings, Jan Schulte, Sascha Funke, Jennifer Cardini, Curses, Gilb’r, les crews BFDM, Salon des Amateurs, Malka Tuti, Positive Education et bien plus encore sur l’une des 3 scènes du festival. Pour les retardataires, il ne reste plus beaucoup de places, alors ne tardez pas trop.

Mais trêve de bavardages, place à la musique avec la sélection Monticule Festival 2019 de FEZ.

Hi, this is FEZ for the Monticule Racing Team.

This is my selection of tracks for our 5th year anniversary of Monticule Festival for Electrocorp. We’ve highlighted tracks from artists and labels playing at this year’s edition of Monticule festival.

Stenny - Curve K [RFR Records]

The first track of my list is from Stenny / Stefano. I’ve known Stefano for a while now, such a grounded nice guy – really a pleasure to know him! This track is exceptionally not from Ilian Tape but from a relatively new label which is also from Munich called RFR Records. It’s a nice project with a wide diversity of Munich artists on it. This track is maybe one of my favorite Stenny track. Looking forward to welcoming you back on the hill mate!

Huss & Hodn - Hurensohnologie / Pornofilmkäse [Entourage Business]

Hulk Hudn is the DJ of Huss Hodn, and he’s been on our wishlist for Monticule for a long time. He delivers exactly my favorite type of Hip Hop, and he is such an outstanding DJ, always perfect selections and technically amazing. He and his buddy Retrogott influenced me with their Huss Hodn project like almost no other artists did in my earlier years, so it’s a must for me to add a track from them to this list. An absolute classic.

Zenker Brothers - Stratus Phunk [Tresor]

It’s evident that the Zenker Brothers should be on this list. Almost no other artists had such an influence on me as them, and it’s incredible to see what they built with their Ilian Tape project over the last decade. They’ve been on our hill since the first edition and their sunrise set on the mainstage in 2015 will always stay with me. I could name such a wide range of tracks from them, but this one here is one of my favourites. So cool with that « train » vibe. Great to know you guys!

Yovav - Magnetic Fields [Malka Tuti]

I met Katzele and Asaf some years ago in Tel Aviv for the first time when we made an exhibition and a little party in a location called Tahat, hosted by Asaf and his friends. After that time they started with the Malka Tuti label and we were following that since the very first moment. They’re top artists and totally unique and it’s very clear why they have been playing Monticule since the first edition. This track is one of my Malka Tuti favs, perfect for a little spliff at home.

Repro - Det går dårligt [Kulør]

I discovered Courtesy a few years ago, and since then one of my big wishes has been to have her on our little festival. I’ve chosen my personal favorite track from the first release of her new label Kulør for this list. It’s from Repro, also from Copenhagen.

Red Axes - Sun My Sweet Sun [Permanent Vacation]

Benji, who runs Permanent Vacation, is the best. Like the Zenker Brothers and Stenny, he also lives in our hometown Munich and it’s always nice to have him on board. He’s been releasing such a nice selection of tracks on his label for years. This track here is from the infamous Red Axes, which i also discovered and met when we were in Tel Aviv visiting Asaf and Katzi. Pure pool floor vibes and a now a real classic for me.

Etienne Jaumet - Metallik Cages (Gilb'R Club Mix) [Versatile]

Etienne’s show in 2017 on our hill was just amazing. He brought tons of equipment by train to do his show. Even my mum became a fan and she had never been to a rave before that. Gilb’r delivered this great remix and he is of course back on the hill this year. He’s been there since the second edition. We’re glad to have a legend like him year after years!

Peggy Gou - It Makes You Forget (Itgehane) (I:Cube Remix) [Ninja Tune]

The last track of the list is a nice rework by i:cube from this massive track from Peggy Gou. To be honest, I’m not really into house music like that but this track is just awesome.

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