Le weekend du 8 novembre, le bar-restaurant audiophile bordelais Café Mancuso souffle sa deuxième bougie. Pour l’occasion, il sort des cartons un nouveau système son japonais fait main et invite Raphael Fragil, Baron, Don Oscar, ainsi que le digger Kay Suzuki, du Brilliant Corners à Londres. 

Afin de se mettre en jambes, ce dernier nous a concocté une belle playlist de 8 titres issus du stock de Time Capsule, le label et distributeur qu’il a créé et qu’il gère depuis la capitale anglaise. Bonne écoute !

Heerlens Percussie Ensemble - Biologic Music

Start with this incredible Dutch group from 1986. The perfect blend of minimal percussions and fusion jazz with heavy 80s drum sounds. Some are spiritual and some are really funky, but all tracks are amazing. Listen to the other tracks from the Time Capsule website.

Lily - Start World

She was one of the pioneers of Japanese female singer song writers in 1970s and had an incredibly funky back band called Bye Bye Session Band. This is one of the sweet tracks she has. We have few records of her and they all sound solid and funky.

Mikahil Chekalin - Симфобрейк

Taken from Russian synth musician Mikhail Chekalin’s first album. I really like his sleezy funkiness.

Ose - 29 Heures 08 Minutes

French prog band Ose’s track on EGG label compilation. I love this very deep slow trippy track.

Takeo Yamashita - A Touch of Japanese Tone

I know French people are grown up with same anime like us Japanese, but do you guys know about Lupin the 3rd? This anime was so huge from 70s onwards in Japan and left quite few amazing soundtracks too. The most famous ones are composed and conducted by Yuji Ono, but this soundtrack record is composed & produced by Takeo Yamashita. The quality of the sound production is simply a pure pleasure to listen to.

Kis - Kéményseprő

Hungarian Jazz band Kis Rákfogó’s (probably) only known record. Starts with sick slow beats, but evolving into fast tempo jazz with crazy solos. Incredible session!

Surprise - Ogoue

One of the killer release from incredible Paris-based reissue label BeauMonde. Originally released in Gabon in early 80s, but totally unknown until recently. The sound production of this record is just like major funk / soul records from US. Clear, heavy and tight. I particularly love this drum machine and instrumentation of this track, but all tracks are very nice.

Akira Inoue - The Beat Of Pollution

Japanese producer Akiras Inoue’s 4th album from 1985 with the artwork by famous Tadanori Yokoo. Once again, it’s a great 80s production synth-pop.

Kay Suzuki sera donc à Bordeaux le weekend du 8 novembre pour les 2 ans du Café Mancuso. Il jouera dans le sous-sol du Café Mancuso le vendredi soir en mode listening-session. Le lendemain il prendra d’assaut les platines du restaurant de 19h à 2h du matin… cette fois-ci en mode DJ set.

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La Cafe Mancuso fete ses 2 ans