This is the second joint-release from Flumo Recordings and ANMA Records after DJ Aakmael’s « Luv & Possibilities EP » (2019). This time, the collaboration takes the form of a mutual project between two UK-based artists: Contours and Yadava. Their EP « Cosmic Echoes » is to be released on August 31st.

« Cosmic Echoes » was created over the course of numerous jam sessions melting live percussions, bass, drum machine, synthesizers and field recordings to create a raw EP full of soul and warmth. The result is a dense, complex and uplifting release, once again confirming the genius behind the creative minds of Contours and Yadava.

A1 track « Start First Finish Last » opens the EP with smooth keys and an alluring bass solo. The drum and percussion interplay keeps the up-beat rhythm flowing, allowing the bass to enhance on a Balearic and laid-back dance groove. ‘

The track that we are presenting you is the A2 on the list. « Udu » takes the vibe on a more beat-driven road, with interlocking kit and udu patterns – hence the name – floating keys and rolling synth arpeggios cutting in and out of the groove.

The standout track from the release (in our opinion) comes with « Speaking Through Broken Shells », getting back on the bass and drum heavy interaction, with lots of influences from UK jazz scene.

On the flipside, things kick off with a more familiar house groove. « Low Slung » is a nod to the eyes down moments on the dance floor, with raw hats and shakers swirling around synth swells and heavy synth bass for introspective bliss.

« Cascades » swaps over to an atmospheric soundscapes, with plenty of stereo play and rich sound quality, making it easy to get lost in a jungle of flutes, keys and rain-line percussion notes.

On the remix duty, NIAN starts with a remix of « Cascades », lifting-up the atmosphere up with a broken beat rhythm and rolling sub-basses, while Skygaze‘s remix adds liquidity and reshapes the atmospheric sound into a more dancefloor-oriented mix.

Contours & Yadava « Cosmic Echoes » will be out on August 31st. Make sure to grab a hard copy!