Milan-based maestro Turbojazz is teaming up with Bristol artist Sean McCabe to release « Wanna Dance », a new EP featuring Jovonntte on the vocals and two remixes from Moondance and broken-beat master EVM128. The EP is released by Last Forever Records and it is available in all good records stores since early-September.

From the collaboration of two heavyweights from the current deep house scene Turbojazz and Sean McCabe, was born this new « Wanna Dance » anthem, conceived during the period that kept us all away from our beloved dancefloors.

The original mix recalls the atmosphere of a modern house party enriched by one of Detroit’s best known voices: Javonntte.

The remixes are entrusted to the skilled hands of Moondance, with a highly « technological » mix that contrasts with the unmistakable twist of EVM128‘s remix that we are happy to unveiled below.

The « Wanna Dance EP » from Turbojazz & Sean McCabe is available on Juno Records right now.