Reykjavik-based label Lagaffe Tales, also home of the BROT series, unveils this new « Tonic EP » crafted by the American producer Aspetuck, who was also responsible for a recent EP on Route 8’s output.

This discrete and extremely talented artist grew up in sleepy Vermont. Without easy access to any vibrant nightlife scene, the internet was Aspetuck‘s only form of musical discovery for his formative days. Years later, after living in both Brooklyn and Los Angeles, he was drawn into the robust nightlife cultures of both cities that was so absent in the rural hills of the northeast. Immersing himself in both music production and photography, two creative outlets that seemingly complement & balance each other, he is quietly finding his voice with the help of a broad range of influences to draw from, including Move D, Jesper Dahlback, Brian Eno, Radiohead, John Talabot, Tony Allen, and Moritz Von Oswald just to name a few.

On this « Tonic EP », Aspetuck explores deep, atmospheric sounds through various styles and angles, mixing elements of Acid, Electro, Breakbeat, and Ambient music. All the tracks are building up slowly, progressively, like a musical story offering beautiful variations and surprising movements.

The release note from the label picked up the perfect words to describe what I felt when listening to the release: « 4 airy and subtle numbers that give you the feeling you’re floating through time without no worries. (…) « Tonic EP » is a journey through soundscapes that are familiar but still foreign somehow, kind of like a dream that you’ve just woken up from. »

« Aspetuck – Tonic EP » is out now on Lagaffe Tales’ Bandcamp.