Portuguese label Percebes starts 2021 by releasing the label honcho’s brand new LP “Gestures Of Release”. This is Ka§par’s fourth album, but the first made of new materials only, since the release of his highly praised debut long player “Ascensus” in 2014 (on Rotterdam’s fine 4Lux label). « Gestures Of Release » is now out on Bandcamp. 

After more than two decades of solid work, Ka§par’s art is still growing and evolving. Here he creates a highly personalised sound universe, managing to showcase a true diversity while keeping a unique sense of coherence throughout the album.

« Gestures Of Release » proposes 10 tracks that reflect many of the producer’s most treasured aesthetics. There’s the deeper abstract jazz-house of “Rectify” and “Miles Away”, the discoid funk of “Head Down” and “Feelin’ Something”, but also the dreamy downtempo and dub of “Suave” and “Maritime Myriad”.

There is also, of course, plenty of irresistible bumping dance floor action of classic inspiration with tracks like “Gestures Of Release”, “Clone Forge” (our personal favorite), “Time Apart” and “Membrana”.

Neat in its production, precise in its objectives, the album displays a wealth of influences and interests and includes guests from the artist’s immediate circle: best friends Hélder Russo and Andrew “Change Request” Emil, Portuguese electronic funk-soul band Thunder & Co and the revered drum’n’bass producer AL:X of Cooltrain Crew.

Almost entirely produced, mixed and even mastered by the artist, this LP features an eclectic set of top notch tracks that a DJ can use on both dance floors and cooler settings but is also a beautiful album that any music lover can enjoy on a proper turntable.

“Gestures Of Release” will be out on Ka§par’s Percebes Musica in May 2021, in both vinyl and digital formats!

*Text provided by the label and edited for Electrocorp