The « Jamz » imprint from our friends at Slothboogie is returning this July with Soul Wun « Fragments EP », including a beautiful remix from the Canadian artist Jesse Bru.

Australia’s Soul Wun is a young skater making beautiful sun soaked deep house jams, previously for the likes of 13th Hour, House Cookin’, Feedasoul, and of course SlothBoogie where he returns here following his appearance on the first « Dancing With Friends » compilation.

Opening the release is « Piero’s Strings », merging twinkly piano lines and cinematic strings with winding bass grooves and organic drums. « Japan Theme » follows next, fusing hazy brass licks, a walking bass line and jazz keys with a swinging drum groove and spoken word Japanese samples.

Opening the B-side of the release is « Lily Flower (Adele) », laying focus on an amalgamation of warm piano tones, a swinging rhythm and plucked bass tones throughout. « Sun Lady Statement » is up next, taking things in a more acid jazz direction via broken percussion, psychedelic guitar licks and hypnotic, poetic vocal chants. Lastly to round out the release Houseum and Axe On Wax artist Jesse Bru delivers his twist on « Lily Flower (Adele) », bringing a Deep House aesthetic to the table courtesy of shuffled drums and driving low end, while the original’s ethereal textures ebb and flow within.

« Fragments EP » from Saul Wun is dropping this Friday, July 9th in all good tores, including Juno Records.

*text provided by the label, edited for Electrocorp